SURENNA is a real estate development designed for families planning to move to live in Tulum. With 25 Villa Houses and 34 residential lots, this development aims for privacy and comfort for those who live in Surenna, while respecting the ecosystem with white streets and preserving lots of natural vegetation.
Your home in the Jungle

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Why choose SURENNA?

25 Villa Houses

Spacious houses, with private garden and patio, to respect the privacy of families.

Large spaces

Ceilings of 2.9m allow more natural light to enter and give a sense of grandeur to the home.


Respecting the natural vegetation, white streets and garden with local plants.

Strategic Location

Only 2 minutes from downtown Tulum, 10 minutes from the beach, and connected to Tulum's 5th avenue.

Best time to invest

In PRE-SALE, and in an area with a very high future projection, which ensures a good capital gain in the value of your home.

Community of families

You will live surrounded by families, which will bring peace and security to your neighbourhood, and to your home.


Strategic Location

The area where SURENNA is located has a projection in the Real Estate Development Plan of TULUM, with the highest density of RESIDENTIAL developments, this means that in the future this area will be full of family developments like this one, and the value of Surenna will grow because of its excellent location.
Make your patrimony grow, with a high capital gain .

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Get to know the houses

Its monochromatic design and wide spaces give you that sense of peace you want to have in your home, and the perimeter garden provides excellent intimacy and privacy if you want to live with your family.


Total area of the lot
156 m2 of house

3 o 4


3 o 4



With additional pool

On the ground floor we have a spacious living and dining room, connected to the kitchen, a bedroom that can function as a guest bedroom (with its private bathroom) and a half bathroom to service the living room.

* photos of the open house *

Upstairs we have 2 bedrooms with 2 private bathrooms, and here you have 2 additional bedrooms available, which you can choose between a terrace, or an extra bedroom.

* photos of the open house *

As we mentioned before, SURENNA stands out for its large indoor and outdoor spaces.
And this is one of the points that makes it unique, the perimeter garden, which allows you to have that connection with nature in the privacy of your home, and if you like, you can also add a swimming pool.

* photos of the open house *


$4.800.000 MXN

/ $265,000 usd
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Quality and Price

With one of the cheapest prices per square metre in this type of development, SURENNA offers you larger spaces and extra privacy.

Payment Facilities

We offer private financing up to 12 months interest free.

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